Date Publisher Headline
2022-11-21 The Baltimore Banner Maryland precinct-level election results: How did your precinct vote for governor?
2022-11-08 THE CITY Did Your NYC Neighborhood Turn Out to Vote?
2022-11-08 Annenberg Media See the latest results from California and LA elections on our tracker dashboard
2022-11-08 LAist Los Angeles Election Results
2022-11-03 Local News Matters Lyft support for climate tax, electric vehicle measure looks like a liability
2022-10-17 Los Angeles Times Track the money flowing into California ballot measures
2022-09-23 Cedar Rapids Gazette Cedar Rapids, Linn-Mar, Clear Creek Amana face first book challenges in years
2022-09-20 Los Angeles Times Who is raising the most $$$ for California state races?
2022-09-14 Big Local News New Big Local News dataset tracks the millions pouring into California campaigns
2022-09-02 Source Where to look for local stories about Census undercounts
2022-06-20 Cedar Rapids Gazette Transamerica to cut 40 more jobs in Cedar Rapids
2022-06-16 LA Taco How Much Crime Goes Unreported? Thousands of Police Departments, including LAPD, Failed To Report Data to FBI
2022-06-15 Big Local News There’s a huge hole in FBI crime data. Here’s how to check if local police are part of the problem.
2022-05-16 Florida Alligator UF to hire new food provider
2022-05-04 Cedar Rapids Gazette Toyota Financial Services to cut 322 more jobs
2022-04-18 Tampa Bay Times Eckerd Connects to lay off 176 as Hillsborough foster care winds down
2022-04-13 KVPR Bakersfield Police Department fails to identify people in crisis, thwarting reform
2022-04-13 Chicago Tribune PepsiCo closing Barrington research facility, laying off 78 employees and transferring more than 130 others
2022-04-11 Big Local News A beginner’s guide to FBI crime statistics
2022-04-11 Big Local News How journalists supported by Big Local News covered COVID’s costly toll on the disadvantaged
2022-04-08 Sioux City Journal Rembrandt is laying off 135 workers at Buena Vista County egg-laying facility
2022-03-16 Cedar Rapids Gazette 61 more employees being let go from Duane Arnold nuclear plant
2022-03-06 First Visual Story
2022-03-05 First GitHub Scraper
2022-03-03 Poynter How to Develop Stories from 2020 Census Data
2022-03-03 Muckrock How you can use eviction data and public records to report on housing during the pandemic
2022-01-31 Big Local News How to deploy a Prefect agent to Google Kubernetes Engine
2022-01-27 Big Local News How to push tagged Docker releases to Google Artifact Registry with a GitHub Action
2022-01-21 Big Local News How to open Excel files in Python without pandas
2021-12-26 Flint Beat When race data goes missing, how do health leaders combat COVID racial disparities in Flint?
2021-12-20 Berkeley Berkeley Data Science Students, Journalism Faculty Building Public Database of Police Misconduct
2021-12-06 Boise Dev New Census data shows Idaho saw increased diversity, with growth among Black, Hispanic, and Asian groups
2021-11-30 Washington Post The Lost Local News Issue
2021-11-29 KPBS San Diego Police use force most often in neighborhoods south of Interstate 8
2021-11-24 Source COVID-19 story recipe: Analyze school enrollment changes in the districts you cover
2021-11-18 Delaware Business Now Census mapping project highlights a changing Delaware
2021-11-01 RJI Making Agenda Watch useful to journalists across the country
2021-10-19 San Jose Mercury News One Bay Area city, 73 police dog bites, and the law that made them public
2021-10-16 El Periodico Las muertes por coronavirus fuera de los hospitales de El Salvador
2021-09-21 Salud Con Lupa El Otro Perú
2021-09-20 South Pasadena Review City’s Population Grew 5% Over 10 Years, Census Shows
2021-08-24 Hyde Park Herald Census shows Hyde Park’s population up 14.7% from 2010
2021-08-23 InfoAmazonia Social and environmental crises come together in Mato Grosso in a year of record burning in the Pantanal
2021-08-19 Baltimore Sun Thousands of Maryland students left public schools last year amid COVID. Will they return this fall?
2021-08-18 San Francisco Chronicle Five ways of looking at how San Francisco’s population changed over the last decade
2021-08-13 Berkleyside Berkeley is denser and more diverse than it was 10 years ago
2021-08-12 Chicago Tribune Chicago’s population grows slightly, but suburbs stall to slowest rate in decades
2021-08-10 The Brown Institute Big Local News project leads to front page stories at EdSource and the New York Times
2021-08-09 Stanford Stanford study reveals how public schools’ reopening decisions during the pandemic influenced a drop in enrollment
2021-08-09 Center for Education Policy Analysis The Revealed Preferences for School Reopening: Evidence from Public-School Disenrollment
2021-08-07 EdSource How going remote led to dramatic drops in public school students
2021-08-07 New York Times The Kindergarten Exodus
2021-07-22 Stanford The Brown Institute announces new programs and grants
2021-07-22 Muckrock How the Indigenous Investigative Collective use public records to show dire gaps in COVID-19 data access
2021-06-28 mediatractnet COVID-19 Paradox: Nigerian households suffer food price surges, amidst dwindling income
2021-06-16 KQED Bakersfield Police Broke 31 People’s Bones in Four Years. No Officer Has Been Disciplined for It
2021-06-15 Stanford How Stanford students helped with a Pulitzer Prize-winning project
2021-06-08 High Country News A broken system: The number of Indigenous people who died from coronavirus may never be known
2021-06-06 RISE Project “The Syringe” Deal
2021-06-06 RISE Project Nine Planes with Masks
2021-05-29 Missoulian Wide disparity in COVID relief to tribes
2021-05-01 Reveal Rampant racial disparities plagued how billions of dollars in PPP loans were distributed in the U.S.
2021-05-01 Reveal PPP Reporting Network
2021-03-15 Local News Matters Job layoffs spur housing struggles in state even as evictions remain on hold
2021-03-09 Los Angeles Times What secret files on police officers tell us about law enforcement misconduct
2021-01-28 Medium How Will AI Change Local News in the Next 5 Years?
2020-10-23 Source How California newsrooms teamed up to gather pandemic data
2020-10-15 Source The conversations local newsrooms should be having about COVID-19 coverage
2020-09-10 Los Angeles Times The Times is teaming up with other California newsrooms to track COVID-19
2020-09-08 Public Radio Tulsa Tulsa Landlords Offered Rent To Not Evict, But Few Took The Deal
2020-09-05 Associated Press Georgia renters get few protections, landlords seek to evict
2020-09-05 Associated Press Massachusetts’ protections weren’t enough to stop evictions
2020-09-02 Associated Press Confusion over eviction ban led to selective enforcement
2020-09-01 Source COVID-19 story recipe: A dashboard with at-risk health indicators
2020-06-15 Stanford The Brown Institute of Stanford and Columbia universities announces its Magic Grant winners
2020-05-08 Reuters Shielded: How an obscure legal doctrine called qualified immunity protects police accused of excessive force
2020-05-08 Source COVID-19 story recipe: Analyzing disparate impact based on race, poverty, and vulnerability in your area
2020-05-05 Source A comparison of four major COVID-19 data sources
2020-05-04 Nature A large-scale analysis of racial disparities in police stops across the United States
2020-04-29 Source COVID-19 story recipe: Using AHA data to analyze hospital bed capacity
2020-04-24 Source COVID-19 story recipe: Identifying communities at risk from the pandemic and its economic fallout
2020-04-23 Investigative Reporting Workshop COVID-19 map offers state, county views
2020-04-21 Source How to make sense of all the COVID-19 datasets right now
2020-04-17 Source COVID-19 story recipe: How to see what stocks members of Congress are dumping (or buying)
2020-04-16 The Wrap Stanford University, Google Create Coronavirus Maps for Journalists
2020-04-14 Techcrunch Stanford and Google create an embeddable COVID-19 map for local journalists
2020-04-08 Monterey County Weekly Introducing an interactive Covid-19 mapper for Monterey County and its neighbors.
2020-04-02 Source COVID-19 story recipe: How to analyze your region’s hospital capacity
2020-03-16 Source COVID-19 story recipe: Analyzing nursing home data for infection-control problems
2019-08-30 What’s News in Publishing How can local news organizations thrive in a digital age?
2018-10-15 Stanford Stanford scholars are helping journalists do investigative journalism through data
2017-06-19 Slate Police Data Suggests Black and Hispanic Drivers Are Searched More Often Than Whites
2017-02-27 International Conference on AI and Statistics Fast Threshold Tests for Detecting Discrimination
2016-07-19 Annals of Applied Statistics The Problem of Infra-marginality in Outcome Tests for Discrimination
2016-06-21 Marshall Project Are Traffic Stops Prone to Racial Bias?
2016-06-01 New Criminal Law Review Combatting Police Discrimination in the Age of Big Data
2016-04-02 Annals of Applied Statistics Precinct or Prejudice? Understanding Racial Disparities in New York City's Stop-and-Frisk Policy