From its base at Stanford University, Big Local News gathers data, builds tools and collaborates with reporters to liberate public records and produce local journalism with impact.

The Industrial Affiliates program offers companies the opportunity to support Big Local News and engage with its staff and systems.

To learn more and explore becoming a member, contact the program’s administrator, Cheryl Phillips, at [email protected].


Membership fees directly support the work of Big Local News by funding data gathering, software development and student instruction.

Members are able to engage with the program’s staff and its collection of datasets about policing, public health and other vital topics. Members engage with the Big Local News staff on development of data-driven stories with the potential to have public impact.

Top-tier supporters can tap into the array of services offered by its Data+ plan, which offers enhanced engagement with the program’s data via notifications, search and machine-readable entry points. Supporters also will benefit from additional engagement and mentorship with Big Local News on data-driven story development.


Minimum pricing for journalism organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, including newspapers, networks and wire services.

Datasets Data+ services
Newsrooms Free $10,000/year

Minimum pricing for organizations whose work is unrelated to journalism

Datasets Data+ services
Non-profits $10,000/year $20,000/year
Corporations $50,000/year $150,000/year


Participating faculty

Founding supporters