Big Local News accounts are now connected with MuckRock, DocumentCloud and other free tools designed to assist local journalists.

Though the services are separately managed, the linked technology makes it easier for users to access all of our sites. And it paves the way for future integrations across platforms, including broader access to data services for Big Local News Data+ members like the recently launched Layoff Watch.

The change happened today. All profiles are now hosted at You can use its interface to manage your identity and affiliations.

Here’s how it could affect you.

If you use both Big Local News and MuckRock…

You should be good to go. Our user lists have been merged behind the scenes. If you log in to Big Local News and don’t see your projects, it’s likely because you’ve used different emails to register with our sites, resulting in more than one account. If you run into a problem like this, contact us for help at [email protected]. It can be quickly sorted out.

If you use Big Local News but not MuckRock…

You need to create a password in the new system. Visit the site’s password recovery page and enter the email you’ve used to access Big Local News. You should get an email with instructions. After you’ve completed its requests, you should be able to access Big Local News. Again, if you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

If you have never used Big Local News before…

You can create an account via our integrated system. Go to If you already have a MuckRock account, click the “Log in” button and use those credentials. If you don’t, click the “Sign up” button to create a new account today.

The code that powers our shared system is free and open source on GitHub. It’s built on top of the OpenID standard with customizations to fit how newsrooms are structured, and how they increasingly collaborate across organizations.

In addition to MuckRock and DocumentCloud, the sign-on system also supports FOIA Machine. Service providers interested in integration should reach out to MuckRock CEO Michael Morisy at [email protected].

About Big Local News

From its base at Stanford University, Big Local News gathers data, builds tools and collaborates with reporters to produce journalism that makes an impact. Its website at offers a free archiving service for journalists to store and share data.

Learn more by visiting our About page. Have questions or ideas for collaborative work? Reach out by email at [email protected] or at @biglocalnews on Twitter.

About the MuckRock Foundation

Started in 2010, MuckRock brings together a portfolio of transparency tools that power transparent journalism, civic engagement and an informed democracy. Combining open source technology, original reporting and an network of 4,000 newsroom partners, the non-profit helps over 40 million people each month access verified information through services like DocumentCloud, FOIA Machine, oTranscribe and MuckRock itself, a public records tracking tool.